Our Focus at Chrisma Life


We hope the ministry at Chrisma Life has an opportunity to serve you. We're a small independent local church with a big God and vision for his work. Please don't hesitate to contact us or better yet, come visit!

God is for you.

God wants all of us to live care free lives, without fear of tomorrow or condemnation from yesterday. He loves you more than you can comprehend and because of that great commitment he made a way for all your failures and sin to be paid, forgiven and forgotten through the gift of his son Jesus. God isn't holding your sins against you; he's fully satisfied in the work of his son Jesus on the cross.

God's plan for you is full of "good news".

We are focused on accomplishing the plan of God in our ministry and in those we fellowship with. We believe God’s Word has answers for the challenges of modern day, and we want to help you find your potential in life. We believe that a personal and intimate relationship with God, made available through his son Jesus, is available and essential for each of us.

God's Word promises us not only the benefits of peace and right-standing with him but also the blessings of health, prosperity and an abundant Spirit-filled life! Our ministry emphasizes the power available for us when we understand and believe God's Word. We show believers how to make the teachings of Jesus Christ effective for every day success.

The message and help we have to offer comes from personal experience. We've come to know God and are persuaded that he is good, faithful, willing and able. A firm foundation of the truth of these promises will cause even the weak to overcome in life, while learning to trust God ever more. The development of our faith in God's ability is essential for this growth.   

We believe you can reach your full potential by the grace of God!

Because of this, we place an emphasis on learning who God is from his Word. We believe Christians can be taught clear truths personally from God's Spirit and learn to receive his guidance and direction daily. This individual confidence in God will lead believers to excel in this life and reach out to others in need through the ministry gifts of Jesus Christ. 

Our door is open.

If there's something we can do to show you the love of God please let us know. We and the members at our fellowship are ready to reach out.

 Pastors Marcie and Wyn Menefee


Phone: (907) 745-5045