Marcie and Wyn Menefee, Senior Pastors

Since 2005, Marcie and Wyn have worked as pastors leading the ministry at Chrisma Life Ministries. They love living the Alaskan lifestyle and serving God through his people. They have worked in a variety of ministry positions over the years, including church administration. They both have experience in overseas ministry participating in missions work - teaching and preaching the good news of the gospel. They believe that God uses those who make themselves available.

Marcie and Wyn both emphasize the teacher's ministry gift and have a strong desire to see believers grow in the knowledge of God's word. They believe every Christian is endowed with gifts that benefit the body of Christ when contributed. They encourage others to "live to serve" which creates contentment and meaningful lives. Among their goals at Chrisma, is to build up leaders in the body of Christ who will also "do the work of the ministry" according to Ephesians 4:12.