By Amanda Bowles |  February 1, 2013

It will never cease to amaze me how God works.

Just when you think He's set up everything in your life to work out a certain way, a wrench gets thrown into the spokes.

Plans change, uncertainty is abundant and you often have no idea what to do next, but if you continue to trust God, you'll see how it was His plan all along. Abraham and Sarah knew that God had promised them a child and many, many decedents. Sarah tried to figure out the situation herself and Hagar came into the picture.

“Surely this is what God meant? We'll just help Him out. It all makes sense this way.” We may see a situation, think, “This makes sense. God is making it so easy for us, surely this is what He plans for us to do.”

And then comes that wrench. Guess that easy way that made so much sense, that was right in front of us, wasn’t exactly what He had in mind.

But every time, no matter the situation, no matter if we can see the outcome or not, when we trust in Him, He'll always bring us through - to the best end for us! 

(Genesis 16)