Born Again

By Bill Moore |  July 1, 2016

Born Again
John 3:7 Jesus said ye must be born again.  When Jesus speaks the whole world needs to listen and comply!
What we see in our day is a spirit of compromise, which says, “ I can do it my way”!!  Because of this we see many people sitting in their churches with no understanding of what God requires when it comes to becoming a true born again individual, and what it takes to make it to heaven as our Lord taught in our Bibles.
In the forth chapter of John, Jesus is speaking to a woman who thought, is many think today, that because I am an American I am I am a Christian and all right with God, not realizing that there is a born again experience needed to become a true child of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Being a good person does not make you born again as Jesus said.
A true sorrow for sin in a person’s life, and a change of heart that brings an individual to apply God’s Word (the Bible) to their whole being is needed.  This action brings the born again change in each life.  A complete turn around and new direction for the rest of time; and that direction is toward God and not away, as it was before one accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord.
One needs to make sure he is a born again son of God!!  The importance of this cannot be over emphasized enough.  Ye must be Born Again!!