The God of Possibilities

By Laura Trejo |  April 6, 2017

Luke 18:27
“But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. “
I can’t know how you think, but I can say that I often think based on the limitations I know about myself or about the natural world. For example, if I am deciding what clothes my daughters will wear for the day, I consider the weather. Is it going to be too cool for shorts or too hot for long sleeves? It’s a trivial task but I still have to make this decision based on the confines of the weather. It is impossible for me to keep my children comfortable if they’re not dressed appropriately. Daily realities like these are innumerable. Consider that I would love to run 25 miles without running out of breath but I simply can’t. I want to feed all of the hungry children in the world, but that is not possible for me. I could work very hard to reach those goals but would always be lacking. Life is jam-packed with these “impossible” situations. But did the Father intend for all of our actions to be reactions to the world? I am always looking to Jesus for the correct example. His behavior was always based on what he knew about His Father and His Word, so should ours. Our reaction is our faith. “Faith comes by hearing…”, Romans 10:17. So instead of hearing or seeing what’s in front of you, hear the Word, see His love for you. Believing that with Him, all things are possible—we believe that He has provided everything we need “possible” or “impossible” through Jesus.
These are Jesus’ words in Luke. It was important to Him that we understand that all things are possible for our Father. Our God created the universe, breathed life onto this planet and into us. He is the God of all possibilities.